My analogy for visibility is the refraction of light. One of my favorite movies growing up was Pollyanna. Pollyanna moves into town to live with her aunt. Her aunt’s next door neighbor is a crotchety old man. Against his will, Pollyanna starts coming over to visit him. He has crystals all over his house and Pollyanna is mesmerized by them. Through these crystals and Pollyanna’s imagination she is able to befriend the old neighbor.

When a light shines into a crystal, the crystal refracts the light and creates a rainbow. The original white light that shines into the crystal is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. Each of these lights have different lengths, but when they all come together they create white light. Thus when they hit the crystal, it causes them to refract at different angles because of their individual different lengths. This is similar to the idea of visibility. A single word, image, shape, etc. can be presented to your mind. Your mind, also known as the crystal, takes the idea and breaks it apart into endless other ideas.

For example, one sentence in Soliloquy is “I have to get some new clothes”. When this sentence enters our imagination, our minds can take it in trillions of different ways based on our life experiences and ideas. I could create a story from this one sentence. He has to get some new clothes because his ex-wife poured black ink all over his clothes. She broke into his home one night while he was staying with his sick aunt. The ex-wife thought he had already found a new girlfriend… And so on. Your imagination breaks apart the sentence, just as crystals, break apart the while light to show the colors of the rainbow.