My emblem for visibility is play dough. In Soliloquy, the author allows you to move the mouse over the sentences in the conversations he had for the whole week. The lack of visual images in the piece and the break down of his conversations, sentence-by-sentence, allows the reader to visualize and interpret each sentence for their self. This is important to Calvino because he believes our society provides us with so many images that we no longer have to visualize things in our head and use our imagination. When I used to play with play dough with my sister, we would create a scene together. We would always add on more play dough or morph each other’s creations. This is similar to what Soliloquy asks you to do. The author gives you a sentence, the original play dough creation, and we must morph or add-on to his initial sentence. Just as my sister and I used to do to each other’ play dough creations.