The obvious graphic design element for Multiplicity is layers.

As an avid Photoshop user, I work with layers a lot. Here is the definition from

Layers are simultaneous, over-lapping components of an image or sequence

Memmot clearly uses layers when composing the images of the artists. She takes different pictures, puts effects on some of them and then layers them over each other to create the images you see in her E-literature.

Here you see the picture of “Vincent Manet” she created. The top layers are from images of actual paintings done by one of the twelve artists. However, the layers in the back are obviously images that have been manipulated digitally. The background is a combination of layers of color.

Memmot also used a verbal example of layers when she combined the biographies of the artists. You can think of each body of text by an author as a layer. Memmot then cut up these layers of text and combined them to create a new biography.