Balance acts as a catalyst for form – it anchors and activates elements in space…Rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern.

William Poundstone uses both rhythm and balance in his E-literature piece.

As each word flashes by there is a random symbol behind it. The symbols do not balance the piece because they are all different in size and shape. However, Poundstone consistently uses a blue background, white symbol, and black word. This consistency creates balance as the different length words and different sized symbols flash by.

Each word and symbol are on the screen for exactly the same amount of time. This consistency in time creates a nice rhythm throughout the piece. 

Half way through, the background starts to change. There is a circular gradation that appears and get bigger and smaller, frequently moving. The circle comes from the middle of the page. This keeps the symbol and word balanced and grounded in the middle of the page. The circle continually pulses in and out. This pulse creates a rhythm as well throughout the piece.

The accompanying music  follows the movements of the background. When the piece begins, the background is static and the music is slower. However, when the background starts to move, the music picks up pace. The music not only complements the background, but adds its own sense of rhythm to the piece.