My analogy for lightness is 35mm projection.

I am a projectionist at the Reitz Union on Monday nights. And in fact, as I write this I have 35mm film zooming through a projector at 18 inches a second just 5 feet away from me. Projectors take hundreds of miles of film and turn them into a moving image with sound. The process of projection takes incredibly light, thin film and runs it at 24 frames a second. This speed creates a moving image. This thin, almost weightless film holds within its frames an entire story with a beginning, middle, and end.

This process is similar to that used in Tailspin by Christine Wilks. Wilks used just a few paragraphs of text throughout the E-literature piece. But, the little dialogue carried the entire story. She used limited animation to accompany the text. But, the story line and characters were created by the limited text. It carries history and emotion in the words.