My emblem for quickness is a bicycle.

Just like Calvino’s horse, I prefer a story that gets me to the end quickly. However, I chose the bicycle because it is a little more of an updated form of transportation than horseback riding. However, I did not choose a car for a reason. I still prefer older forms of stories, than the newest ones. When I say older, I mean books. I would consider the car to be an emblem for E-literature.

A bicycle is often ridden for enjoyment. Linear stories that often come in the form of books are often for entertainment purposes. They may have agendas, but they are still entertaining. That is the main reason we read. With bicycles, you can stop whenever you would like to. You don’t have to find a parking place like in a car. I am obviously a fan of bicycles. I ride one to school everyday. The reader is in control in a book. They can turn the page whenever they like.

With E-literature the viewer has to wait for the next button to pop before they move on. And every piece of E-literature is different, so you are not even sure there is going to be a button.

With Poundstone’s E-lit piece the viewer cannot control the speed. The speed is given to the viewer and they must take it as it is. At times the speed is almost too fast.

When an author writes, I want them to get to the point quickly. However, when they choose their format to tell the story, I would like some control over the speed.