Earlier I talked about how the ‘exactness’ of this piece had a lot to do with Malamud’s ability to realistically portray the struggles of immigrants. Seger devoted a whole chapter to finding a theme. I thought this blox did the best job of depicting Malamud’s overall theme. The only image that relfects on the story in this blox is the grocery store. However, I used images from online and my own family to show real immigrants. By tying in these historical images, I am expanding upon Malamud’s ability to realistically depict the struggles of immigrants from our country’s past.

Seger says that ‘the story choices the writer has made’ is one way to discover their theme. Obviously Malamud’s choice of writing about immigrants, not only in The Assistant but many of his other novels lays evidence that his main theme was the struggle of immigrants and the way they are treated. Narration is another way Seger says the theme can be discovered. The narration definitely lays a sympathetic view of the Bober’s struggles.

I wanted this blox to show the theme of the story. That it is about more than the Bober family. But about millions of immigrants throughout our nation’s histories who have suffered merely because of their country of origin.