For this blox I focused on Seger’s focus on creating a coherent style when adapting a piece. The lack of lightness in the story, and the building weight and pressure on the characters was a very apparent style choice made by Malamud. I wanted to depict this in my box.

Seger notes that the mood creates an emotional response. By creating a heavy mood I am hoping to elicit a feeling of pressure and restriction with my blox. The picture of the broken tombstone and the dark figures bending over due to the pressure of life all helped to create the mood. It is difficult to translate a written mood created by words into a visual mood. However, I took Malamud’s frequent images of tombstones and weight and visually showed them in my blox. I like that the person is not an actual image of a person, but simply a silhouette. Not only does this allow the person to see themselves in the image, but also creates a darker mood. Silhouettes are mysterious and ambiguous. There is uncertainty in a silhouette.