When creating my bloxes it was very easy to choose what characters to include. I just used Frank Alpine and Morris Bober, the two major characters. However, while it was easy to choose what characters to focus on and depict, it was much harder to limit what characters I alluded to. I wanted my bloxes to be relatable to those who hadn’t read The Assistant. While, they may not get the story from my bloxes, I want them to get a sense of the characters. While I do create references to characters that one would only know from reading the book, I wanted to limit the reference to characters, so that the bloxes don’t look like a scramble of random images.

Once you have decided what characters to keep, Seger says to ‘look for character detail’. When creating this blox, I wanted to show that Morris Bober is more than just a stereotypical Jewish man. Yes, he uses a lot of yiddish and is extremely thrifty. But, there is more to him than that. He is like this because of the many setbacks he has gone through in life. When creating this blox I looked for the most important details that are crucial to understanding the character of Morris. I tried to show through the use of color versus black & white, that as you looked closer you saw more color, you saw that there is more to Morris. That, to use a cliche, there is more than meets the eye.