Seger suggests that you look for sympathetic characters. Especially, when you are adapting something for American audiences. I believe that Frank Alpine’s character is not sympathetic enough. Especially, because the character of Morris Bober is so sympathetic and Frank treats Morris very poorly.

In this adaptation, I have made Frank Alpine more sympathetic and given him reason for acting the way he does. I am focusing on the shadow of his past that haunts him. I visualize for the audience that Frank has a past that makes it very hard for him to change and move forward. I also show that Frank hopes to be more than he is, he wants to do good. His shadow is that of the beloved St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was known for his love of animals and that he gave up wealth to live a holy life. While, Frank struggles to do good, he genuinely does try. His role model is St. Francis and it gives hope to the reader that Frank might find his way.