My motto is “Simple Solid”

I have chosen this because when reading stories I want a simple story with strong character and a good plot. The solid part represents a quality story. I don’t want to build up needless anticipation and wait until after the commercial break to find out what happens. Stories should frequently be developing and in motion.

My emblem is a typewriter with the words beginning, middle, and end written on it. They typewriter represents simplicity and a linear story to me. And obviously the words beginning, middle, and end also represent a linear story. Typewriters can only really type. I like this about them because when you write with a typewriter all you have is your words. You must create a solid story from words.

I am not against adding visual elements to stories. But, I believe that many of the E-literature works, and even some paper books, have forgotten about the story element of their work. I believe this was also very important to Calvino and that is the reason he wrote the memos book. A good story is hard to write. It is easy to cover it up with animation. But, a good plot and characters is what makes people stick around to find out what happens. The story is crucial to creating visibility.

I agree with Calvino that our world has become inundated with too many images, but I believe that is inevitable in a society where the masses have access to programs and tools to create their own images. And I think that is good that anyone can get the tools to create images. However, that also means their is a lot of bad design out there. Due to television, the internet, and picture books people no longer have to use their imagination. They just sit down in front of a screen are given as many images as they want. That is why visibility in literature and E-Lit is so important. It is important for the author to use the other 4 memos to create clear, concise stories that encourage people to use their imaginations. I like E-literature for this reason. A lot of E-literature is what many would call “experimental”. However this experimental element allows people to interrupt the story many different ways. I believe that less is more when it comes to E-literature. It allows more of a focus on a few things and at the same time more room for people’s own imagination.