The learning screen is definitely more interactive and encourages individuality. Research papers usually have assigned topics and are limited to words on a paper. I know very few people who enjoy writing research papers.

However, the learning screen allows for a person to incorporate multimedia elements. The learning screen also allows a person to exhibit their own aesthetic. As I said, research papers limit the author to black and white words on a paper. The author has to show their aesthetic through words. Which allows for the reader to roughly interpret what they believe the author is saying. However, with learning screen the author can show the reader exactly what their own aesthetic is.

By using bloxes, we are giving a visual example of our own aesthetic. Our choice of using design elements such as layers, lines, and diagrams all factor into our aesthetic. The amount of pictures and words we choose to use are part of our aesthetic. Not only are we showing someone else our aesthetic, but we are learning what it is ourselves. Often our teachers only ask for us to talk about our aesthetics, or opinions, on subjects. Rarely are we given the opportunity to actually visually develop our aesthetic. It is definitely one thing to talk about it, and another thing to visually develop it. Learning screens give you the opportunity to visually show someone your aesthetic. It is time to stop talking, and start showing! Our other classes should start to recognize that we are moving into a digital world, and that our education should start reflecting that.