First off, remember this is about you and E-literature. Everyone in the class got caught up on Calvino and the five memos, myself included. However, we slowly realized that this class is name Online Literature for a reason. Professor Ulmer wants us to explore E-literature and then figure out what we like and don’t like about E-literature.

I found that thinking of personal hobbies and activities really helped me think of emblems and analogies for each of the memos. They were also easier to write on. If I had just come up with a random analogy that I knew nothing about, it would have been harder to compare them to the E-lit pieces and how the processes work. However, because I chose things like screen printing and projecting, I easily could describe the process and compare them to the E-literature.

I believe the best process for completing this project is as follows:

1- Write all five of the summaries of the memos based on Calvino’s book first. This helps you get a good grasp on what Calvino and Ulmer are looking for in each of the five categories.

2- Find your five E-Lit pieces. All of the other blog posts you write from this point on should be compared to your E-lit pieces. Once you have found them write the five E-lit blog posts discussing how they correspond to each of the five Calvino memos.

3-From this point start creating your analogies, emblems, and choosing the graphic design elements. At the beginning I kept getting stuck on coming up with on analogy or one emblem. But, then I just started looking at all of the memos and decided to start with the ones that came easiest to me. Don’t get stuck on one emblem or graphic design element. If you are stuck, move on from that one and write on others that come easier to you. You can always return to the harder ones later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating your emblems and analogies always tie them back you personally. You are supposed to be exploring your own aesthetic preferences.